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If you have a great workout, what is that worth to you? I'll leave that answer and amount up to you....thank you so much for giving and paying it forward to keep this PT earning a living and providing workouts for all those around the globe! It means more than you know...


OPTION A:  Do exercises 1-6 in section 1 on day one (including all stated reps & sets)  Do exercises 7-12 in section 2 on day two (including all stated reps & sets)  Do exercises 13-18 in section 3 on day three (including all stated reps & sets)  THEN RETURN BACK TO DAY ONE TO REPEAT THIS PROCESS

OPTION B:  do ALL 18 exercises consecutively for for the stated reps in a row one after another with MINIMAL rest between each move & then do the 18 moves again every other day!