My workouts give YOU the power to choose to pay or not!  It's my way of paying it forward to the masses who GENUINELY can't afford it so, if you can, pay something forward to me too...its all about integrity and the knock-on effect. I'm not asking for a monthly membership or a set amount. If you commit to this 100% you'll get fitter, stronger and healthier! If you have nothing, then pay nothing. I am just asking you to put a value on each workout you do. If you value my time, expertise and my care to help you then why wouldn't you donate to my livelihood?

Just think - would you ask a hairdresser for a free hair cut and colour? Would you ask your lawyer or physio for free help? I'm not asking for anything except for you to value my time and to help me keep my job and my site up and running so I too can pay my bills and you can easily and safely do it with your PayPal account. So, I'll leave that moral decision up to YOU with how much you value each of these individual workouts!


For those in 'lockdown' during the coronavirus pandemic or those that don't have a gym membership, those that either have none or minimal home equipment, I will show you how to stay in and get in great shape no matter WHERE you are in the world! From HIIT workouts to minimal equipment, bodyweight only workouts to 'random' equimpment ones, there is something for everyone!


We all know that physical health is so important, even more so right now. With many parks closing, gyms closed and options being limited, I wanted to take my near 15 years of personal training and expertise to help you keep going with your health and fitness goals!

I have been training myself for nearly 30 years, I've helped train doctors, international sports champions, Mums, Dads, groups and 1-1 clients and specialised in Body Transformations for many years now.  I have been a fitness, natural bodybuilding and figure champ so I have DECADES of experience and success for you to lock into!

My name is Anita Albrecht - I was born in New Zealand and I overcame my own challenges with weight gain, depression, anxiety and lack of motivation. I have been financially on the bones of my bum before yet wanted an expert coach to help me but couldn't afford it (I wish a site with EVERYTHING like this was around years ago when I needed help!)  hence why this site was born.

I am a top Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Coach and a level 5 Nutritional Therapist with my own private studio in Essex England and have had a rolling waiting list for over 5 years! Given that there is only one of me to help so many and with a current demand for online training services and a passion to help people, I am bringing fitness to YOU through this site, my videos and my range of workouts and giving you the choice how to use the site and what value you put on it - if you can't afford anything, you pay nothing! If you can, the value in what you donate depending on how much you use my workouts, how you use the information to get what have been proven results for all my clients and how much getting results is worth to you.

Forget fitness fads, restrictive diets and quick fixes as they will only end up with you right back where you started. Make health and fitness something you choose as a LIFESTYLE.


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